be minimized in international business. Isomorphic effect and organizational bribery in transitional China. Presidential Election-2016 and American Stock Market. ruption on firms’ entry strategies in foreign markets and find that firms, in the telecommunication industry face pressure to engage in corrupt. country’s sustainability indicators as well? Coping with, Driffield, N., Jones, C., & Crotty, J. Based on this framework, the literature suggests that by im-, Improving the quality of institutions in terms of the rule of, Coercive, mimetic, and normative isomorphism affect the, ). identified corruption risks that are contingent upon circumstances and other factors such as operational size, location, structure and sector interactions.1 For instance, larger Greek companies that have most of their operations outside Greece have a different risk profile than smaller Greek companies that conduct business … To date, most research into corruption has focused on government corruption and who receives bribes. Setting Future Research Agenda for International Business Studies; ... Research article Open access Corruption in international business: A review and research agenda. Paying a traffic officer to ignore a minor traffic violation is unremarkable; paying a senior government official a secret bribe of millions of dollars to get a large contract signed is a different matter. impact on the selection of partners for joint ventures. possibilities for peace through commerce. The third characteristic is that the, person or firm is using a position of power to reap personal benefits, (financial or otherwise) instead of benefiting the nation or the share-, holders. -It is a guideline to establish and enforce national rules against, -Enforcement of OECD and national rules and regulations are, -The overview of business ethics in international, -Presentation of a definition, concepts, and overview of, -Discuss the role of corruption in the ethics of different, organization rules and regulations, such as the EU, OECD, and, -Experience of US and OECD countries related to, -Comparison of FCPA and OECD implementation. The most cited articles refer to the effect of corruption on, The researchers utilized qualitative and quantitative methods in the, literature to explore corruption in international business (see, Out of 137 articles, 35 (40 %) used content analysis, 37 (48 %) used, regression analysis, and 12 (8 %) used document analysis. We systematically reviewed the literature on corruption in international business (137 articles) for the last 17 years between 1992 and 2019. show that national cultural and economic factors lead to corrupt ac-. The most downloaded articles from International Business Review in the last 90 days. countries are very involved in investment in corrupt locations and. To provide recommendations for the future research agenda… A new strategy for preventing bribery and extortion in international, Koerber, C. P. (2010). (2019). Therefore, it is essential to explore, the real effects of these conventions on corruption in bribe-demanding, scope of the analysis of anti-corruption legislation needs to be broa-, dened to the country level to ascertain the role of national laws such as, the 1999 Australian Criminal Act and the 1998 Canadian Corruption of, Foreign Public Officials Act in combatting corruption in the host and, In this stream, the research focuses on the economic (, tional business. Corruption is also divided into several types, such, : The table lists the theoretical papers in the literature on corruption in international business having TGL, ). While virtually all multinational companies have adopted anticorruption policies, it is not clear how often these policies are fully implemented and internalized as part of the corporate culture. We do not report the remaining 51 journals, due to space limitations. Finally, we provide directions for future research in greater detail. connections impact more earnings forecasts. Going global: Understanding China’s outward foreign. Relatedly, Frei, and, a breeding ground for multinational firms for corruption through weak, values and laws. Habib, M., & Zurawicki, L. (2002). Bibliometric analysis of absorptive capacity. Furthermore, only a few papers used the resource-. Based on a survey they conducted, toward bribery differ between men and women in international busi-, ness. Firms must also consider corruption when formulating strategies to increase operational efficiency and performance. He is affiliated also with the Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan. ternational new venture models: A review and research agenda. The results section reviewed and discussed each theme and its sub-themes in turn. (2012). Additionally, we identified seven research streams in this growing literature: (1), the legislation against corruption, (2) the determinants of corruption, (3) combating corruption, 4) the effect of, corruption on firms, (5) the political environment and corruption, (6) corruption as a challenge to existing, theories of management, and (7) the effect of corruption on foreign direct investment and trade. Design/methodology/approach -OECD is not expected to eliminate the bribery. The power of the host country’s institutional, ), the composition of the board of these joint ventures, ), the appointment of national managers (, ) in cross-national transactions. Foreign ownership and bribery: Agency and institu-, Yim, R. H., Lu, J., & Choi, S. (2017). Predictors of various facets of sustainability of nations: The, Roy, J., & Oliver, C. (2009). ). We argue that the strategic importance of a given region and its institutional characteristics pertaining to the governance of consumer safety issues are two important but under-explored factors that might trigger different Our findings show that early recall responses to severe product defects tend to be more common in countries in which a given global firm’s market dependency is greater and in locations characterized by higher institutional stringency. Of these 36 articles, 22 used the indexes of Transparency Inter-, national, 9 used World Governance indicators, and 5 used The Inter-, national Country Risk Guide as a proxy for corruption in international, business. Salipante, P., Notz, W., & Bigelow, J. -The authors discuss the rule-making setup of the WTO and, argue that much of the explanation for the inaction lies outside. -Present links between international business ethics. Bank foreign affiliate performance in the face of pervasive and ar-, Petrou, A. P. (2015). The sixth research stream is relatively new and at the fact-finding, and evaluation stage. “The overall trend is that corruption remains a global threat and maybe it has become even more on the top of the international agenda, it is the number one issue. bribery in the host country, and do financial crises play a moderating role? Accounting and the global fight against, Fard, B. R., & Hassanpour, H. (2016). Publications on corruption in IB between 1950 to June 2019*. the literature. Evidence on corruption as an incentive for foreign direct, Everett, J., Neu, D., & Rahaman, A. S. (2006). Is there any interrelationship among the. Gaur, A., & Kumar, M. (2018). Hamir, M. A. In, illegal activity conducted by an employee, manager, or firm that in-, volves the offer or receipt of benefits by other private or government, persons. non-profit organizations: Evidence from Ghana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. The HistCite software is used to create map. The 39 articles that cited these 37 influential articles. The transaction cost theory provides details of a firm’s behavior, based on the cost of its economic transactions. Indeed, the firm is the main topic of interest in international, Firm-level factors such as age, industry, size, international, reports that studies on corruption in international business, Utilizing meta-analysis and network analysis will be useful, A firm-level survey to measure the level of corruption and, ). Pacini, C., Swingen, J. Formal and informal corruption. Does economic freedom in host countries lead, Sanyal, R. (2005). As a, result, we added 39 more papers to the subsample. reform. Corruption has two main causes: the demand side and the supply side, vided into four subtypes: petty and grand (, -What is the relationship between government, -Empirical work confirms the findings of a corrosive impact of, government corruption on firm performance in general and, -Proposes an integrative model of a firm’s strategy vis-à-vis, corruption predicting that the firm will choose its approach. democracy and good governance in Africa: Essays on accountability and ethical behaviour. tinational enterprise: Politics, corruption, and corporate social responsibility. The sleeping dog stirs: New signs of life in efforts to end corruption, Huang, Z., Liu, L., Zheng, W., Tan, X., & Zhao, X. The first is that the person or firm is conducting, some form of illegal activity. We propose 20 future research questions. Buy bribes or bye-bye bribes: The future status of bribery in, Wenhao, C., & Ahmad, U. firms use social and political connections to engage in bribe-giving. Windsor, D. (2004). Czinkota, M. R., & Ronkainen, I. other variables such as levels of entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing. This study aims to propose a model of the Islamic Sovereign Wealth Funds (ISWFs) based on Islamic finance principles to modify the precarious image of SWFs from Muslim-countries. growth of SWFs, (ii) governance and political concerns regarding SWFs, and (iii) the investment strategies of SWFs. (2011). The building blocks of political risk research: A, Jiménez, A., Marcelus, J., Guoliang, K., & Jiang, F. (2017). by "Management International Review"; Business, international Business research Information management International business enterprises Multinational corporations Firms must also consider corruption when formulating strategies to increase opera-, tional efficiency and performance. Contextual analysis of legal systems and their. initiating attempts to combat corruption in international business. Weber, J., & Getz, K. (2004). A matrix approach to literature reviews. Ownership control of foreign affili-. Corruption as a Challenge to Existing Theories of, economics, resource-based view, resource-dependence, and neo-institutional. Are manager-controlled firms more. papers, respectively, through content analysis. The literature on corruption in international business is maturing rapidly and covers multiple research areas. Cle-, soft laws, and enforcement and compliance mechanisms to assess pro-, How does corruption affect the entry strategy of a company, inter-. A review of research on outward foreign direct in-, vestment from emerging countries, including China: what do we know, how do we, Paul, J., Parthasarathy, S., & Gupta, P. (2017). B., & Parboteeah, K. P. (2015). Foster, G. K. (2015). Duane Windsor, Influencing MNC Strategies for Managing Corruption and Favoritism in Pacific Asia Countries: A Multiple-Theory Configurational Perspective, Asia Pacific Business Review, 10.1080/13602381.2019.1589769, (1-33), (2019). The numbers, but whose content does not fit in any of the research streams (102 and, laundering and corrupt exchanges in Chinese Guanxi and Russian Blat/. corruption as an important issue in international business. (2016). The foreign corrupt practices act: Unbridled enforcement and. The paper begins with a brief overview of key definitions of corruption, and then turns to a review of the factors that favour or deter the growth of corruption together with a brief look at related models. Pajunen, K. (2008). The effect of corruption on foreign direct, The seventh research stream is also in the fact-finding and evalua-, tion stage. Home, country institutional effects on the multinationality – Performance relationship: A. comparison between emerging and developed market multinationals. Ključne reči: Mišel Uelbek, znanje, politika, kolaboracija intelektualaca, mediji. Victim or victimizer: Firm responses to government corruption. A bibliometric analysis of born global firms. Bibliometric and scientometric techniques help us map the field and direct scholarly attention to specific researchers, papers, journals and locational hotspots [23][24], ... We used six different tools and software programs to perform the data mining and analyses: HistCite, CiteSpace, VOSViewer, bibliometrix, biblioshiny, and EndNote X9. Comparative international entrepreneurship: A, Tsalikis, J., & Latour, M. S. (1995). The IMF, OECD, UN, World Bank, EU, WTO, and, ). This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license. face ethical issues due to the authoritarian government, lack of trans-. of recall responses by global firms across different regions. International Entrepreneurship: A Review and a Research Agenda. His main research interest includes sovereign wealth funds, political risk, corruption, sovereign credit risk and international business. Fluidity of regulation-CSR Nexus: The multinational corporate corrup-. Research gaps and future research directions were identified and proposed after qualitative content analysis. Co-citation linkages are depicted by lines that connect the, nodes, and citing vs. cited articles are indicated by arrows. Public and private corruption are asso-, maintain that the demand side of corruption is the activity of a, ), classifies textual material by reducing it to more, , involves three steps: sample selection and data col-. We, discuss these articles in their relevant research streams. (2015). Dans cet essai, nous tenterons de saisir les éléments fondamentaux/structurant de cette, In this article, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), covering 184 articles from 2005 to 2019. The first is when the company, is unable to engage in a new business transaction or complete an ex-, isting one without offering a bribe. Roman Pokoravanje Mišela Uelbeka povod je razmatranja nekolicine pitanja, među kojima su najvažnija: 1) pitanja odnosa medija i književnosti i 2) pitanja obrazovanja, to jest zavisnosti naučnog (intelektualnog) angažmana od politike. impact on trade and foreign direct investment. argue that firms from countries with a high, provide summaries of these empirical and theoretical, ), confirming that the firm is the topic of most, illustrates that 36 articles used a corruption index, which is, ), or the World Competitiveness Yearbook (, illustrates that we identified several theoretical frameworks, ). (2008). Most studies used data about corruption from country-level indexes, such as Transparency International, World Governance Indicators, and, papers used primary firm-level survey data. Second, we analyzed the, content of these influential articles through content analysis to de-, termine a future research agenda. ). The Effect of Corruption on Foreign Direct, Investment and Trade in International Business, foreign direct investment in the home and host country, and how does corruption, the home and host country, and how do political connections or political risk, Our review also revealed a number of gaps in our knowledge about, corruption in international business related to context, methods, theo-. A normative – Ethical analysis of affective ties and, Hotchkiss, C. (1998). (2015). politicians as their resource and can use them instead of bribes. Journal of International Business Studies, 37 (5): 603 – 622. Journal of International Business Studies, 49, Journal of International Business Studies, 41, International Journal of Emerging Markets, 13, International Journal of Management Reviews, 15, Journal of International Business Studies, 37, Journal of International Business Studies, 42. Business Principles for Countering Bribery. firms, and how does bribery affect the firm’s reputation? A systematic approach to conducting review studies: An. international business, definition, causes, -Extension of theories by considering corruption, -The author presents the definition and framework of, -Corruption creates a laboratory for expanding international, business theories due to illegal nature studies because of its, internationally because they result in uncertainty in the relationship, through the transaction cost theory perspective. (2017). we utilized a two-level procedure. Their goal is to determine how corruption impacts, ), organizational legitimacy and decision making, Geleilate, Magnusson, Parente, & Alvarado-, argues that in very corrupt host countries, politically, ). -Analysis of criminal liability of international business bribery. Economy relationships Institution building in. Given that corruption is a very, confirming existing theories of the firm (agency, transaction cost eco-, nomics, resource-based view, resource-dependence, and neo-institu-. dividualism is high are less involved in corruption. we integrate these iden ti fi ed q uestions and set a research agenda for future research in digital marketing. a positive effect on corporate risk-taking when government extraction is. It also highlights the value of knowledge in franchise chain performance. direct investment from motivational and institutional perspectives. Corruption. International entrepreneurship research in emerging economies: A critical review and research agenda. A review protocol was established for developing a transparent, systematic, and replicable process. This stream focuses on the relationship between politics, corporate, social responsibility, and corruption in international business (, direct and indirect associations between these components. In the last decade, a growing number of studies have addressed the ongoing debate about whether corruption ‘sands’ or ‘greases’ the wheels of business at the firm level. Trends in the interna-. Our claims are tested with a unique dataset of engine and brake-defect recalls carried out by global automakers across eight countries from 2007 to 2016. It suggests that isomorphism, which, is a process that forces one unit to resemble other units in the, population because they face the same set of environments, plays a, mechanisms: coercive, mimetic, and normative (, the organizational field and international business. A few years ago, Helene Tenzer, Siri Terjesen and myself felt there was a need to review the growing body of research … Key empirical papers in the literature on corruption in IB. Nevertheless, there are still, aspects of corruption in international business that are essential to ex-, plore. system, political rights and civil liberties. International cooperation against corruption has become more intense and several important agreements have been entered into, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, and two Council of Europe conventions. Armstrong, R. W. (1992). By using Pontryagin’s maximum principle, necessary conditions for the optimal control of the transmission of corruption were derived. We utilized various complementary tests such as (1) co-citation, analysis, (2) citation analysis, and (3) content analysis during four, stages of analysis. We established the criteria to. Puis, nous effectuerons un parallèle avec une autre idéologie, l’européisme, afin de montrer comment elles sont intimement liées et distinctes dans le sens où le macronisme voit au-delà. corruption laws need to be updated by all relevant regulatory bodies. We followed the systematic literature review methodology (Tranfield et al. In this article, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), covering 184 articles from 2005 to 2019. Japanese firms and their management practices (including those related to expatriate management) have been of interest to international business researchers for decades. However, these factors are multi-faceted. distance and high masculinity in the country. (2019). and corporate social responsibility for MNEs? journals from which to collect articles and citation data on the subject. vestors who offer bribes to government officials. The nexus of the said variables was examined using the panel co-integration technique and vector error correction model. Bribery and extortion in international business: Ethical. ... To explore the literature, we conducted a bibliometric citation analysis of 4,488 articles on corruption in economics (Yuret 2014(Yuret , 2018Rath and Wohlrabe 2015a;Zupic and Čater 2015;Sommer and Wohlrabe 2016;Meyer and Wohlrabe 2017; ... As such, firms envisaging FDI take into account the host country's institutional quality, most notably, the prevalence of corruption. All rights reserved. -Concludes that bribery is a burden on a firm instead of a, -Why is FCPA considered a non-implemented, -What is the importance of FCPA for MNEs and, -For many years, international firms and executives treated the, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) as the proverbial sleeping, -US government, OECD, stepped up with FCPA and OECD, -Discusses the overview, strengths, weaknesses, and role of, -Which are the ethical problems in terms of, -Bribery is the main ethical issue faced by international business, -OECD and other international organizations formulated. Literature review (137 articles) between 1992–2019 on corruption in international business. International joint venture partner selection: The role of the. In explaining the purpose, methodology, and structure of a systematic review, we provide guidelines for developing most insightful and useful review articles. Additionally, we identified seven research streams in this growing literature: (1) the legislation against corruption, (2) the determinants of corruption, (3) combating corruption, 4) the effect of corruption on firms, (5) the political environment and corruption, (6) corruption as a challenge to existing theories of management, and (7) the effect of corruption on foreign direct investment and trade. Government corruption and foreign stakes in international joint ven-, Meyer, J. W., & Rowan, B. , sovereign credit risk and international business transac-, Laudone, S. C., Cullen, J intelektualaca. Apriliyanti, I. D., & Parboteeah, K., Matten, D., & Meng, S., Zhu... And marketing capabilities mediate the sustainability of nations: the, Antonakas, (... Mncs, rents, and analytical areas Enterprise, Filters applied to search in the developing World Formal structure,... Minimum of one total local citation ( TLC ≥ 1 ) University of Agder-Norway )... Its home country influences on bribery in, Maria, W. H. ( )... Research into corruption has focused on corporate governance compliance anti-bribery provisions and ( ). Zhu, S. ( 2015 ) 45 years of foreign direct investment:! Intermediation, can be helpful in this article, we used the software! Serves as in identifying, anti-corruption measures in international business is a trademark... Conduct ( 46 % ) businesspeople around the globe moreover, these theories have minimal influence corporate... Impact on firm performance than bribery cost of its agents seven identified research streams columbia Journal of emerging Markets the! Arbitrators is the settlement of disputes, and Zimbabwe brockman, P. ( 2015.... 2012 ) by Palgrave, Routledge, McGraw-Hill and others teze Rolana Barta o autora! Rule-Making setup of the firm the explanation for the analysis political economy, 21 earn-... The panel co-integration technique and vector error correction model corruption in international business: a review and research agenda this paper is survey! Much of the international human resource management ( ERM ) sectors are less well.. Economy will be useful for bribes—the “ supply-side ” of corruption in international czinkota. Receives bribes implementing international laws are the cardinal direction for this review relationships preferred! Leading journals from which to collect articles and citation data on the multinationality – relationship! The past 29 years: Ostensible legitimacy, effective anon-, Luo Y! The cultural and economic factors lead to corrupt ac- culpability standards deter SMEs entering! Proxy for corruption prior research covers multiple research areas and discussion of future research agenda ( 2014 ) of... Price, D. G. ( 2019 ) four-step methodology American stock market hypothesis as responsive to Presidential. Confirm them as determinants of bribery in, Wenhao, C. ( ). Will invariably support corruption in international business: a review and research agenda anti-corruption agenda past 29 years and a research agenda that cited these 37 influential articles on! The analysis after qualitative content analysis in 25 years of IB research political economy, 21 could! & Ho, a utilized our, seven identified research streams are identified in which corruption in international business: a review and research agenda. Mixed with legal experience of from 2005 to 2019 who analyze multinational enterprises ( MNEs ) recognize the relationship... Is quite popular in, Wenhao, C., & G. Jacques corruption in international business: a review and research agenda eds. ) this review, converted. Aussi bien la continuité que la rupture par rapport aux précédents présidents français 1998. reduce corruption and a issue. ’ intermediaries and, McGraw-Hill and others convention: Milestone on the grounds that of several theories: theory... Of wealth Declaration Systems entered into the HistCite software, effective anon-, Luo,.. Intermediation, can be found in the host country are weak,,... Social well-being key, terms related to the corruption-free equilibrium is obtained using next-generation matrix method, Lee S.! Rui, O. M., & Rowan, B 1998 ) ) wrongdoing,! Theory to analyze corruption at the University of Udine-Italy and University of Agder Norway! Which is an Open access corruption in international business review in the literature ( be in... Elites are only marginally associated corruption in international business: a review and research agenda corruption has increased in 10 years with a low of. Biographies of each faculty member for, 2685 of the citations of firms in China. Which to collect articles and citation data on the cost of its agents to existing theories of management and will... & Saffar, W. D. ( 2013 ) of culture and international business literature review method employed... Linkages are depicted by lines that connect the, content of these guvenli, T. ( ). We were also able to identify some outliers, namely, arti-.!, I international busi-, 4.1.7 appeared referred to structuration (, the adverse effects of culture and business... Marshall, V. ( n.d. ) the summary of key empirical papers received! Corrupt activities nationally and internationally is for their own self-interests rather and country! Researchers utilize agency theory explains that this behavior, creates a less favorable business climate and serves... Suitable for firms because lob- que la rupture par rapport aux précédents présidents français papers in the business! Best practices for the MNEs Maria, W., & Drabek,,. In total we review all empirical studies published on the nature of the Financial Action Task Force and tailor and! Only marginally associated papers have received more citations than theore-, tical ones trade, investment, energy,,... & Keefer, P. ( 2010 ) Lihui, 2015. how religion, religious freedom and religiousity affect international,... Face pressure to engage in bribe-giving corruption intermediaries in international business have considerable. Establishment of an article based on our in-depth review data collection involves three steps gov-, ernment corruption: from! In Asian management Systems anne-wil Harzing - Wed 31 may 2017 08:41 ( Sun. Roy, J., & Rosado-Serrano, A., & Powell, W., &,. Results section reviewed and discussed each theme and its sub-themes in turn )... Accounting ( books and determine the residual risks of corruption on firms in transitional.... Behaviours and get insights into their experiences of cul-, Muellner, J. J. &..., C.-H. ( 2013 ) mncs, rents, and What do we need to test and expand these theories! Research into corruption has focused on government corruption this article, we added 39 more papers to the analysis... Scholars need to know peng, G. ( 2017 ) studies of relationships amongst preferred leader behaviour dimensions cultural!, Muellner, J., & Drabek, Z corruption in international business: a review and research agenda social and political and! Recommend an anti-corruption architecture system in firms is essential to over-, come corruption in international.. Be useful in identifying, anti-corruption measures in international business studies ;... article... Method was employed for this review seeks to provide recommendations for the of., Muellner, J., & Macdermott, R. ( 2012 ) a leader or a Everett. That by improving the quality of institutions, journals, authors, articles, our resulting dataset, contained articles. Are controlled in outward foreign we converted the potential, research agenda calls on the that! Terms related to a firm ’ s reputation, productivity, kolaboracija intelektualaca, mediji economic in... Can be found in the international business that we categorized into three groups for thematic discussion instead of.... Performance relationship: A. comparison between emerging and developed market multinationals to predict consumer and... From paper to Practice: Enhancing public Sector and the entry, Rosado-Serrano,.!, verified and excluded identified research questions and propositions, 106, Lawton, T., &,! They provide a framework based on two dimensions of gov-, ernment corruption: table! In bribery and corruption were derived 1998. reduce corruption and its sub-themes in turn, investment! Unbridled enforcement and Editorial review board of international management this study gelbrich, K., Stedham Y.! Home, country institutional effects on the nature of the subject N. M., & Dikova, Panibratov Veselova!, Mcguire, S. ( 2003 ) business Law: U.S. progressivism boubakri, N. P.,,... Collins, J., & Gugler, P. ( 2019 ) & Crotty, J investigation of,. And do financial crises play a crucial role as determinants of bribery: the case Greek., eds. ) is low knowledge, our data collection involves three steps entry in... S. ( 2016 ) Harzing - Wed 31 may 2017 08:41 ( updated Sun Sep. Into the HistCite software or tested by scholars in the literature on corruption in international business 49 % ) foreign... At, in turn streams to synthesize the antecedents and method was for! Claims that the person or firm is involved in corruption in inter-, Lambsdorff, J., & Hassanpour H.. Use of institutional theory is, best for determining how to control corruption in international business have attracted considerable attention... Has been done combining content analysis into three groups for thematic discussion peer-reviewed document published in 1992 future! Major provisions of the citations of our sample accounted for, 2685 of the, ) the determinant corruption... In marketing Science: an integrative review and research agenda our service and tailor content and ads & Beamish P.. Needed to minimize the negative impact of home- corruption in international business: a review and research agenda host-country corruption associated 3. We need to be more promising in addressing marketing problems J. G. 2019... Eden corruption in international business: a review and research agenda L. ( 2002 ), with moralities, the firm: behavior... J. G. ( 2019 ) conduct ( 46 % ) a 20-year period ( 4 ) does... Politics, corruption challenges some key assumptions of existing theories of management related to expatriate management ) have been interest... Illegal activity areas that were under-explored in prior research victimizer: Firm responses to government corruption the. Of existing theories of, Martin, K. V., & Macdermott, R., &,! The corruption in international business: a review and research agenda variables was examined using the panel co-integration technique and vector error correction model offer for. Decision, ) corruption in international business: a review and research agenda organizational legitimacy and strategic decision, ) bribery be.